About Us

The St Amvrosios Association UK (AAA uk) is an organization whose  members consist of mostly by Greek Cypriots that,  they or their parents  have been displaced from the village after the Turkish invasion and  occupation of 1974. It is a cultural organization and its main purpose  is to preserve the memory of St. Amvrosios and to keep the younger  generation closer to their roots and culture.

In trying to keep the new generation that was born in England close  to the village, its roots, its culture and in particular the events that  brought the invasion and occupation of 1974, the Association organizes  many events for the younger member, such as cultural activities,  traditional dancing lessons and also trips to Cyprus and to the occupied  village.

Our objective with this website is to create and maintain an access point that will be the beacon of information and the focal point of activities and events for all Ayiamvrosites world wide.  We will endevour to provide up to date information on events related to the Ayios Amvrosios community and its history as well as on our struggle for freedom and return to our beloved village.