Georghiou Georghios, Michael Drakou

Georghiou Georghios, Michael
Year of birth: 1956
Place of origin: Ayios Amvrosios
Marital status: Single
Military status: Military
Place of arr./disapp.: Glykiotissa-Kerynia
Date of arr./disapp.: 22.7.74
Place last seen: Glykiotissa-Kerynia


After 36 long and painful years, years of suffering, heartbreak and uncertainty, his mother and family received the call that they dreaded. Georghios was found, not alive, but in a mass grave. He was one of 19 young soldiers found in the same grave in Kyrenia. The barbaric invaders shot each one of them in the most horrific way too gruesome to detail in this page. Unfortunately there was evidence of torture and violence used against him and the other soldiers that appear to have surrendered to the turks expecting the treatment and protection that should be accorded to prisoners of war as stipulated by international law and agreements. Unfortunately the Turks have no regard for any laws and Georghios’s life was cut short just as it started to blossom, at the very tender age on 18.

Now, Georghios is no longer on the list of missing persons, he has returned as a hero having given his life for his beloved island of Cyprus and for the village that he and his family adore so much. He is now amongst the glorious sons of Cyprus, all those that throughout the centuries have sacrificed the most precious of gifts, their lives, for its freedom. Rest in peace Georgo, you will never be forgotten.