Personal Stories

Personal experiences s from our members/friends relating to Ayios Amvrosios. We will be delighted to hear from you

Kika (kattirtzi-Drakou) returns home to Ayios Amvrosios “I was in Ayios Amvrosios in the best years of my life. At that young age you make dreams and you live them. But suddenly on the morning of 20 July, everything was stopped in its tracks. Only a few of my personal belongings remained after the war. In November 1974, amongst those items I brought with me when I came to England was my diary.Click for more

Helen’s (Georgiou Athanasi) pilgrimage to her beloved birthplace. The whole idea of being ‘allowed’ to spend a day in my family home nearly binned the plan before it began; having to get ‘permission’ from strangers to make a trip to my own home. The event happened last year. However, I would like to tell you about those halcyon days of long ago. Click here to read Helen’s moving story…..