Campaign Material

Ayios Amvrosios and Lobby for Cyprus at Unesco in an effort to save the rich cultural heritage of the occupied part of Cyprus.  A delegation consisting of Members of Ayios Amvrosios Association UK, Eleftheros Ayios Amvrosios

Ayios Amvrosios, Lobby and Jim Karygiannis at Unesco

Cyprus and Lobby for Cyprus, headed by the Hon Member of Canadian Parliament and great champion of ‘Save the Heritage of Cyprus’, Jim Karygiannis(left of picture), met delegates from the world organisation and presented a detailed report drafted by AAA and Lobby fro cyprus  AAA-LFC UNESCOreportDec2009 outlining the damage to the christian and architectural sites, demanding the organisation’s intervention before it was too late for many of the sites.

A detailed report on the Destruction of the cultural property in the north part of Cyprus, produced by the Law of  Legal Progress  and aimed at US congressmen, was also distributed to the Members of Unesco. This report is a very important document and must be read by all interested in the issue of the cultural property of Cyprus. Destruction of Cultural Property in the Northern Part of Cyprus and Violations of International Law -1