Sea Terra 05/09

Ms Karen Arter                                                                                        26 May 2009


Marketing Manager

12 St Georges Works Silver Street


Wiltshire BA14 8AA

Dear Mrs Arter,

You may recollect that I wrote to you last year (6 May 08) bringing to your attention our grave concern over property developments (i.e. building and selling apartments and holiday villas) by Sea Terra in the Turkish occupied part of northern Cyprus.

Our members have visited the area and have identified that land being used by Sea Terra belonging to Greek Cypriot refugees, and indeed to members of this association.

It is noted that you have chosen not to reply to my previous letter, presumably on the basis that the activities of Sea Terra was beyond the reach of those whose land was being trespassed upon. As no doubt you may now be aware that is no longer the case. The European Court of Justice in reply to questions raised by the Court of Appeal ( case of Apostolides v. Orams) made a number of rulings (5 May 2009) which confirmed that the Courts of the Republic of Cyprus has jurisdiction over the whole of Cyprus. That judgments made by those courts relating to the occupied area must be recognised in all EU countries and are enforceable.

I am sure that this should leave you with no doubt  at the illegality of the actions of companies such as Sea Terra in dealing with the stolen property of the Greek Cypriot refugees.

I urge you to take the decision of the ECJ seriously, to stop misleading the British public and to abandon your illegal developments and expropriation of our lands. We are presently compiling a register of the property you Sea Terra and or your customers are trespassing upon and matching them with their owners with a view to exploring legal action.

I invite you on behalf of the Akssociation to bring to and end your trespass and respect the property rights of the refugees to avoid further steps having to be taken against you and or your customers.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely

Angelos Beshonges