Turkish Invasion of 1974

On 20 July 1974, after a short lived coup orchestrated by the Dr Henry Kissinger and his CIA top brass and executed by the military regime of Greece, Turkey invades the Republic of Cyprus and begins the destruction of this small island paradise in the easter corner of the Mediterranean. The impact on the people, businesses, culture, and generally and everything and everybody that existed on this island is immeasurable.

After three days of relentless pounding from sea, air, and land, Turkey agreed to a cease fire. This was signed by all parties involved, namely, The Republic of Cyprus, Turkey, Greece and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, as we have seen so many times, Turkey has no regard of international law, agreements and rights. While the Cypriots were treating their wounds and trying to deal with the devastating effect of the invasion, Turkey used the cease fire to continue its invasion and the transport of heavy military equipment, hardware and personnel on to the eareas of the island that were under its control.

On 13 August 1974, a high level meeting was taking place in Geneva, in an attempt to resolve the Cyprus issue and bring an end to the suffering of the people. Turkey, however would accept nothing short of the division of the island. At around midnight and at the alleged agreement from the Americans, the Turks walked out and abandoned the talks.

On 14 August 1974 at around 5:45am, Turkey begun its second and most vicious invasion of the island that led to the occupation of 34% of the northern part of Cyprus, 1600+ missing, 1000, women raped and th eventual colonization of the occupied areas with more that 150,000 turks for Turkey, the Balkans and elsewhere.

It was on 14th of August that Ayios Amvrosios was evacuated by the overwhelming majority of its loving inhabitants.

The Missing of Cyprus.