Property Issue/Legal cases

One of the most fundamental issues of the Cyprus question is naturally property. The politicians are telling us that this is a very complex matter and that it has to be resolved in order to have a realistic chance for a settlement of what in now known as a the Cyprus issue. However AAA disagrees fundamentally. We say that the propertys issue is a very simple one and that there is nothing to resolve. Property in the occupied part of Cyprus that belongs to the Greek Cypriots (80% of it) has to be returned to them and they have to be allowed to return to their homes and lands. There is no dispute to resolve. We are not seeking anybody else’s land. We just want to be granted the inalienable right to reclaim ours. Thankfully where the politicians have failed, ie recognizing the refugee’s right to their homes and properties, the lawyers have been extremely successful. In many high profile cases the legal route has provided refugees spectacular success in securing their legal rights and winning substantial compensation for loss of earnings, psychological damages etc. Below we provide a brief description of these major test cases.

1. Apostolides Vs The Orams