Efthymiou Efthymios, Michael

Year of birth: 1955
Place of origin: Ayios Amvrosios
Marital status: Single
Military status: Military
Place of arr./disapp.: Karavas
Date of arr./disapp.: 6.8.74
Place last seen: Karavas

Other information: Efthimios was a member of the heroic 256 Infantry Battalion. Efthimios’ group along with some 140 fellow soldiers were deployed around Lapithos and Karavas and put up a fierce struggle to prevent the invaders from advancing and occupying the towns. According to the book 256 Infantry Battalion this small group of heroes fought courageously under the command of the heroic Cretan second lieutenant Stavros Mpitsakis. Unfortunately, the second lieutenant lost his life in an ambush by a group of greek speaking turks who lured him towards them pretending to be Greek soldiers and then shot him in cold blood as the spineless turks would. This was a massive blow to the Group and of course Efthimios. Having lost their inspirational leader, many of their comrades and out of ammunition, and up against a force of around 6,000 turks, the soldiers were demoralised and started looking for routes to safety, many of them via the sea. According to reservist Stephanos Kanaris who was following the route via the coast with a group of other soldiers en route to the village of Vavilas, they fell under a fierce attack by the turks. During the battle the turks withdrew abandoning their positions and the group managed to continue to safety. Unfortunately at the point of the Turkish ambush, Stephanos Kanaris and his team identified the bodies of the three Greek soldiers, including that of Ethimios Efthimiou. It seems that Eftimios and his group were ambushed by the same turks and died fighting, sadly not making to safety. To this day he is listed as missing.

According to the same book, Efthimios fought heroically in the battle of Lapithos and Karavas right at the front line. He fell protecting his country on 6th August and his body was last seen near the coast of Airkotissa.

Efthimie, Ayios Amvrosios is and always will be, proud of you

Source: the book 256 Infantry Battalion (256 Ταγμα Πεζικου) by Panos Ioannou Myrtioti